Favorite Academic Subject

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Describe your favorite academic subject and explain how it has influenced you. My favorite academic subject that has influenced me would be my choral class because in that class it helped me break out of my shell when I wasn’t able to sing or do anything in front a group of people or an audience before. Before I took my choral class I had always had nervous breakdowns I was never able to do anything in front of a class or audience. I never thought that I was able to do the things I do now, I'm not entirely confident but I'm getting there. If I never took that choral class throughout my high school experience, I would've been the girl who never talks to no one and isn't able to present in front of a group person and who isn’t able to make any friends because she isn't able to talk to anyone. As I grew up, my parents always told me to do the things I love so I did and I went for a choral and art class because without those classes I wouldn't be the person I am today. In my choral class no one would point out flaws Instead, they would help guide you to the correct path. Throughout high school, I never heard anyone in that class say “you're doing that wrong or that's not how you do it.” Instead, they would tell them “you're a little off, but you're getting there keep trying” and they would show them the correct tone or pitch so they wouldn't stand out during our performances when It came to my classmates I knew I could count on them to help anyone with their
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