My Favorite Birthday

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It was a typical lazy Sunday afternoon. While eating my lunch I decided to turn on the television. “Meow!!” a loud noise from the TV got my attention.
A robot that looked like a cat for more than $100 dollars was on the TV but it was extremely expensive. Racing through the house I began looking for my parents so I could show them the commercial. Grabbing my mom’s hand I took her to see the commercial. “Can I have this mom,” I asked? With a stern face she replied, “You will have to earn it.” All my money will be gone if I buy it. Furthermore, I started thinking about what I could do to get the cat. Then something hit me. I could do more chores and earn it! I cleaned my room including the bathrooms and I also cleaned the dishes and dusted the house. I was so desperate that I even cleaned the cat litter! AlI my cleaning took most of the day. When my mom got home I showed her every chore I did and she seemed pleased. I was really overjoyed and I thought it would not hurt to ask if I could have the cat for my Birthday. “Do you think I can get the cat for my birthday?” “We will see” she said with a smile that gave me hope. It was my birthday today and I decided to open the presents. Soon I came to the last present and it was the biggest. Everyone was waiting and chanting for me to open it. Slowly tearing it, I noticed that I could see huge letters that said ZOOMER CAT with a cat on the front of the box. I smiled and

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