My Favorite Flower Essay

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I have currently been building a life in the deep parts of the tropical rainforest. Things here are very different from home. They don’t have regular seasons here like places normally do. Spring, summer, fall, and winter are non-existent; instead, they have wet seasons and dry seasons. Both wet and dry last 6 months each. The wet season lasts from December-May, and gets 6-12 feet of rain during this period! The dry season lasts from June-August, and gets about 6 inches of rain. Most of the time when you imagine the rainforest in your head you see bright colored flowers, and exotic plants. The agriculture here is nothing less than how you picture it. One plant the forest produces that is a common favorite, is the coconut tree. The palms grow rapidly so they can consume the most sun possible. The spreading of the seeds help species with daily survival. Another plant that really catches the eye is the Hot Lips. It is a vibrant red colored flower that lives under the canopy in the rainforest. Birds are attracted to the flower by its bright color. This brings them to pollinate and disperse seeds. My personal favorite is the passion flower. This is a pink, yellow, maroon, and white blossom that grows with the vines in the canopy. It gets the name “passion” because of the rings of nectar. The ring of nectar looks like the crown of thorns that Jesus wore during the crucifixion. Wildlife in the rainforest is the most phenomenal thing of all. There are so many different species of
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