My Favorite Things To Write

Decent Essays

I was never fully one to write down my experiences and stories into printed word, I have always been very audible storyteller, and still am to this day. I will say that for an extend period of my life, I did enjoy expressing my creativity through writing. Short stories, poetry, and and even essays on certain topics were some of my favorite things to write. For the most part, however, I was really bad at making sense in my writing. I was bad at grammar, bad at creating an interesting story, bad at the things that made the writers of the past great. I suppose that didn’t really matter though; I enjoyed writing, I enjoyed getting better, and I enjoyed when people would take pity and say they had enjoyed my work. I tried my best to do better, though. English had always been one of my favorite classes, so naturally, I put a large chunk of effort into it. I’ve also been very fortunate to have very passionate and caring teachers, in both middle and high school. Middle school in particular was where I had peaked as a writer. It was where I wrote the most, and to this day is the only place where I put true passion into the things I wrote. It’s sad for me to say, however, that I can’t fully remember a time recent when I wrote something I was uniquely proud of, something that I can call my own. Most of my portfolio from the past 5 or so years has mainly been a required, graded, stress-filled jumble that I couldn’t fully enjoy. It’s not to say that I don’t have ideas, though. For a

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