My Feelings About Jeezy : An Artist Who Is Eight Studio Albums Deep

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My feelings about Jeezy are about as complex as they come for an artist who is eight studio albums deep, signed to a major label (Def Jam) and who I 've reviewed multiple times over the years. You 'd think I 'd have TAFKA Young Jeezy figured out by now, but the very thing that keeps him endlessly fascinating is that I just can 't put my finger on my feelings about him. Here 's the crux of the problem - Jeezy 's got the "it factor" that so many rappers, entertainers, athletes and actors crave but never seem to achieve. There 's absolutely no denying when you listen to him whether on a record or for an interview that Jeezy (real name Jay Wayne Jenkins) has the charisma and personality of a hip-hop superstar. He 's got the swagger, the charisma, and he acts like he 's carrying Atlanta on his back all on his own. Of course that 's not any more true than when Biggie appeared to be carrying Brooklyn, but if you have the sheer force of presence to make people think a rap scene couldn 't exist without you, then you 'd better be making a ton of money from it. There 's no doubt Jeezy 's Atlanta drawl stands out even on a crowded remix with ten other stars, and when it comes to making hit songs that stand out in a crowded field of hip-hop celebrities, Jeezy seems to have two or three bangers with every single album. He 's got the chutzpah to call himself "God" in a song title and brag about turning water into wine in the lyrics, and even if you hate it for being sacrilegious I

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