My Feelings About The Word ' Like ' Essay

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“What I asked you was what you meant by your use of the word 'Like '.” She paused for a second and hearing nothing from Jim, she told him. “I was asking you about your real feelings about me.” “That 's what I was doing.” He told her. “Thinking about how to explain to you about how I feel about you.” “What 's to think about?” She asked. “Why couldn 't you just tell me how you feel about me?” He paused for a second. “It 's difficult for me to express my feelings, because all of my life I was taught to suppress feelings.” He told her trying to comfort her. “I wanted to make sure I explained my feelings toward you in a way that would not hurt or offend you.” “Well you did hurt me.” Maria told him quietly. “But I didn 't say anything.” “That 's right! You said nothing and that 's what hurt me.” She explained to him. “I wanted to hear you tell me that you more than just like me. I wanted to hear you say that you have deep feelings for me.” “I do!” Jim told her. “I care for you a lot!” “Like Monique?” Maria asked. “Do you care for her too?” Jim thought for a second. “I like Monique, but not in the same way as I like you.” Jim said as he was trying his best to turn this bad situation into something good. Maria and Jim both just stood there, looking at each other for what seemed like an eternity to Maria, without speaking. Then, taking a breath, she told him. “Okay, I 'm still waiting.” “I 'm praying,” Jim told her, “Praying that you don 't misunderstand what I am about to tell

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