My Field Of Interest On Health Care

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Introduction: Description of Context I chose to do my field of interest on health care and I will be doing it on a global level because I feel like health care all of the world is not equal for everyone. I am going to focus on 3 different countries and also focus on how men and women get different health care options within their country. The countries I will be comparing will be Canada, Czech Republic and Africa. These countries are very different when it comes to health care systems and there is a lot of unfairness on how people are allowed to receive health care.
The first county I am going to look at is Canada. The health care in Canada is very fair when it comes to the treatment of making sure that everyone has health care. In Canada the health care act implements administration principles to make sure each individual in every province and territory may receive funding for health care services. The five main principles are that all administration of provincial health insurance must be carried out by a public authority on a non-profit basis. They also must be accountable to the province or territory, and their records and accounts are subject to audits. All necessary health services including hospitals, physicians and surgical dentists must be insured. All insured residents are entitled to the same level of health care. There are two types of health care insurance in Canada. These two sectors are the provincial health insurance and the private health insurance. The

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