My First Day At A New School

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It was another hot day in the month of August. As I gingerly stepped out of the baby blue Toyota Avalon, my forehead was already forming little droplets of sweat. But I wasn’t perspiring because of the humidity levels it was for the fact that I was about to start my first day at a new school. It’s an intimidating experience going to school with people you don’t know but it’s also worthwhile because we have the chance to make new friends. Anyway, as I stepped into the, “newly renovated,” building I was utterly disappointed with the size of it. On the outside it looked like a decent size building but that was not the case inside. After analyzing the building I quickly shrugged my shoulders and walked upstairs to my homeroom. As I reached the room my nostrils sensed a foul smell. This scent carried a mixture of bleach, sweat, and nature. So while I was trying to avoid smelling this awful scent a short, husky kid about my age walked towards me. This kid name was Jordan and he was mess. First of all, this kid stunk, he had a small bleach stain on his shorts, his Jordan’s were fake, and his hair was just nappy. So as Jordan started to approach me I was trying to look for a way to avoid him. Unfortunately, that didn 't happen so he started talking to me. From that little conversation we had I could tell this dude was pretty chill. So I hung out with him and that day had to be one the best school days in my life. The funny thing is, I realized this kid I was already judging before

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