My First Day In School

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Today is the first day of my sophomore year. This will be a great year! I think to myself as I get on my bus. The bus ride was always my favorite part of the day. Even though it was bumpy and loud. I mostly sit in silence, but this year i’m gonna put myself out there. I stand up so I could put my feet under me at the third stop. Glancing around i see a lot of people who were in the same grade as me. None of them knew me.
“Excuse me?” I turn toward the voice who spoke. “ May I sit here?” It took me a minute to realize he was talking to me. “Ya sure,” I said as I was scooting over. He mumbled a thank you as he sat down. I found myself staring. He was tall, but everyone was tall to me. He had tan skin and brown eyes. His hair was a dark brown and extremely curly. It framed his face making his eyes a little more vibrant.
I turned away and let my light brown hair fall into my eyes. This was my chance to make a friend, why am i not saying anything? I opened my mouth like i was about to say something then closed it again. To my surprise he was the first to say something. “Hello, I’m Kris.” I just sat there looking at him, embarrassed that I wasn’t saying anything. “ Not a talker huh? Ok” he said. Then he started to turn away. Panicked I blurted, “ i’m Paris!” He seemed shocked at the outburst. “Sorry,” I said as my ears grew pink. “I’m not used to people talking to me, guess I was just a little surprised.”
He smiled. “Well I’m new so, I guess i could say the same. What’s your first

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