My First Day In School

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I was in the bathroom getting ready for the first day of the third trimester of 8th grade, I was comfortably singing in my bathroom thinking I was alone. After getting ready I opened up the door and look in the hallway flustered to see my mom filming me singing. I was embarrassed and my cheeks turned bright red as I ran towards the front door to jump into my shoes and catch the bus. I went to school and it was a regular day, I had new classes and one of them was with my favorite teacher, Mrs. Gates. I never thought I would build up the confidence to sing infront of people ever but Mrs. Gates but i started to rethink that when my teacher told the class that at the end of this week on friday we will have auditions for a solo of the choir. I felt this uneasiness in my stomach and thought I was about to embarrass myself by throwing up in front of the whole class. I went the whole day just thinking about that solo. It was finally friday, days went by of me practicing for the audition, I made everyone else go first. When I finally got the courage to walk in front of everyone I belted out adele and everyone's jaw dropped. I didn't know if that was a good thing so I ran back to my seat and hit behind my desk and sat far back in my chair so I wouldn be noticed. The weekend went by and I didn't think much of the solos because I did not think I was gonna make the top 3. I walked into Mrs. Gates room feeling like my heart would stop any minute. The bell rang and Mrs. Gates walked up

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