My First Day Working With Middle School Students Essay

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8-8-16 3:00-6:30 I met my on-site supervisor, Amy Gonzalez and the staff members at Tenaya. Together, we greeted and welcomed all 7th graders and their families during registration. I helped pass out ID cards and bus schedules to students.
8-9-16 3:00-6:30 Today was 8th registration. With the school staff, we greeted and welcomed all 8th graders and their families to Tenaya. I helped pass out ID cards, bus schedules, and class schedules to students.
8-25-16 7:45-3:00 Today was my first full day at Tenaya. I spent the day in the classrooms observing students in the Laptop Program and GATE classes.
8-26-16 7:45-3:15 I spent the day in the classrooms observing students in general education and SPED classes.
9-1-16 7:45-3:15 Gonzalez gave me a brief explanation of IEP and 504 and showed me how to identified IEP and 504 students on ATLAS. She also showed me how to create student’s schedules. Today was my first day working with middle school students. I reviewed the 3 students’ information on ATLA before meeting them. I spent 5th and 6th period building rapport with 3 students.
9-2-16 7:45-3:00 I met and built rapport with students. I also did afterschool supervision with Mike, Tenaya’s Vice-Principal.
9-8-16 7:45-3:00 Today was Women’s Alliance’s fieldtrip to Wonder Valley; therefore Gonzalez was not on campus. Other than morning supervision, I spent an hour getting myself familiar with ATLAS. I also met with students to build rapport.
9-9-16 7:45-3:00 While Gonzalez was
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