My First Eye Exam Essay

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I was about six or seven years old when I failed my first eye exam. At the time, it embarrassed me. In a stage of persistent denial, I chose to ignore how poor my eyesight was and attempted to mask the problem. As a child, the thought of wearing glasses scared me. I had seen all the cartoon shows about people being teased by other kids. Nobody wants to be called ‘four-eyes,’ or something of the like. So, I pretended I could see in hopes to avoid my fears. My foolproof plan lasted less than a week. Looking back, the school nurse must’ve called my parents to inform them of my eye exam results. But in my elementary state of mind, I thought I had simply been outsmarted. One night, we were sitting in the living room together as a family. Though the exact details of this moment seem vague to me, I distinctly remember being asked about my eyesight. While a clear problem existed, I dissented their opinions with words of disavowal. “I can see fine,” I assured my family. Mhmm, sure. Calling my bluff, my dad asked me to read a sign from across the room. At this point, I wish I had known my surroundings a little better. Maybe if I had memorized our home décor I could’ve given an answer. But I had no response for him. The event helped conclude what I had feared most: I needed glasses. For a moment, it broke me. I remember looking into the mirror with my new spectacles for the very first time. Yikes. But now I could see clearly. Some time passed and I started to like wearing

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