My First Family Reunion - Original Writing

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When anyone thinks of a perfect family photo, they imagine a family with fancy clothing, a bright sunny day, green grass and faces that have been enhanced. When my family takes photos they are not quite that picture perfect family that’s advertise but a family that goes deeper than perfection. I come from a fairly large family with five sisters, one brother and that includes my parents four grandchildren and one son-in-law. My sisters are in the middle row off to the left side, my brothers hand is wrapped around my mother. My little sister is the one with the long black braids. I am on the right side holding my son of five months and my husband Rudy right next to me. In the front row is my dad with his three grandchildren.
This photo holds a special place in my heart because it was our very first family reunion. Looking back on this day brings a tear to my eye because time is a big factor and I can tell time has gone by since that day. I stare at this photo and can’t help but feel blessed. We are all alive and in good health. Knowing that this was the last photo we took as a family makes it so much more meaningful to me. That day was filled with excitement and laughter. I remember this day like it was yesterday. The date was August 8th 2015 and this photo was taken at my grandparent’s farm. It was so humid that I took about three showers. I felt sticky and fussy just like a baby. Although my kids didn’t feel the weather because they were too busy enjoying the open land

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