My First Friend

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I like to think I have a lot of friends. I wouldn’t call myself “popular” but I mean a lot of people in the school know me, or know of me. Ironically, I’m a very awkward person I have a fairly hard time talking to new people. Well at least I used to, I fixed that up a while ago. But have you ever seen someone and think “wow I want to talk to them. They seem really cool”. Im going to assume you have, because that’s what was going through my mind when I saw this new kid come on my bus one day. We’ll call him “Z” for now. Back to the story, so I saw this new kid come onto my bus and he automatically intrigued me. I saw him and I wanted to be his friend and get to know so much about him. The things is though at this time I was a very awkward kid and I had no idea how to talk to him. I could tell by the way things were he was very quiet type of guy. He never spoke to anyone on our bus, never smiled, never laughed, he just sat there alone staring out of his window with his earbuds in blasting music I could hear from the seat horizontal from him.
So about every other day I would see Z and each day I got more and more nervous. I noticed he would always look over at me so I thought to myself “well next time he does I guess I should say hi” well. I don’t like to listen to myself so that back fired. The next day things were on my side. Our packed bus (for the first time that’s a good thing) pretty much forced me to sit next to him. So I told myself “Well I guess it’s now or never” so

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