My First Job At The Medical Field

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From the time that I was able to talk, I have always expressed to my family and friends, how I wanted to work in the medical field. Your mind is the most creative when you are young and I had some great ideas on how I was going to run my own office. As I grew older those thoughts slowing begun to fade away. My first job in the medical field was a work study as a medical receptionist. Even though I only worked there for about 6 months, I thought I knew it all, I was soon to be faced with the truth that I didn’t know the half of it. After completing my work study it was a challenge for me to get a job in a doctor’s office with little experience, so I ended up settling for a position as a therapy aide. I worked as a therapy aide for about a year until a receptionist position opened up in the same office. I was friends with the other receptionist, so it was not hard for me to get a job. I was really excited about finally working as a medical receptionist, that I said I was never going to leave this place. My co-worker was a lot older than me and it started to become a pain to work with her. I did not end up staying at this place and instead of facing my troubles, I ran away from them into a bigger mess. I was able to get another job before actually leaving the previous one. Still being fairly new in the medical field, I was not sure what to look for or ask on interviews, so I accepted the first offer I received. The manager made me feel like I was really qualified for the job,

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