My First Lesson On The Battle Of Lexington And Concord

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This week I only attended three days for block teaching. Monday was Columbus Day so the school was closed and everyone had the day off. Friday I did not attend because it was fall break for WIU so I decided to go home for the weekend. On Tuesday the students worked on Cornell notes for several headings in their textbook. Then on Wednesday I taught my first lesson on the battles of Lexington and Concord. The students analyzed two primary source documents then as a class we discussed their similarities and differences. The lesson went well despite the fact that two-thirds of the class was missing due to state testing. The fact that majority of the class made me worried for the lesson I prepared for the following day because the two lessons were designed to match up. However, I was pleasantly surprised that Thursday’s lesson went as smoothly as it did. The students stayed on task and were focused so I did not have really any issues with classroom management. Since this week was short and I taught two out of the three days I was present my teacher didn’t have much involvement with his class. On Thursday when one student was getting a big rowdy before class due to an argument my mentor pulled him into the hallway to address the situation. I believe my best classroom management skills were displayed during my Wednesday lesson. Due to majority of the class being missing I got the vibe that the students who were present thought of it as a free day. I had one student who decided

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