The Battle of Yorktown

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The Battle of Yorktown was the decisive battle of the American Revolutionary War. The French and American forces laid siege upon the British forces at Yorktown, Virginia and eventually forced the surrender of nearly one-third of the total number of British troops in America. This battle showed that massive loss of life is not the only factor that will determine the victor, as there were a relatively low number of casualties taken by both sides. Instead, it was an aggregate of economic, social, geographical, and weather factors along with a bit of luck when it came to the timing of the major military movements and tactics all led to the success of the Franco-American forces. Had it not been for these combined factors the Battle of Yorktown and the American Revolutionary Was may have had a very different outcome.
The battle of Yorktown was fought during September and October of 1781. By definition, the actual battle is considered a siege. French naval forces cut off any support or hope of escape, and Franco-American forces outnumber the British on the land. Allied forces surrounded Yorktown and bombarded the town with artillery until the British surrendered. There were many events that took place prior to this historic siege which set the conditions for what is widely considered the decisive battle leading to a Franco-American victory and America’s independence.
The British forces in Virginia were led by General Cornwallis who was accompanied by forces led by

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