My First Memory Of Reading

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A blue oval carpet with the alphabet circling around the carpet is where I sat for story time. I vividly remember sitting down on the letter “J” of the carpet. I criss crossed apple sauced my legs, my favorite position for storytime at the library. Mrs. Fernandez, the first grade librarian, read “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”, this is my first memory of reading. The librarian would read word by word, indicating what she was reading and of course she would show off the pictures. After she finished reading my classmates and I would sit in large tables and were handed a piece of paper with crayons and pencils in a box. “Alright class, now it’s time to write about your favorite part of the story, please include a drawing as well.” I began to recall all parts of the story. I was able to retell the story perfectly. I began with my drawing and when I got to the writing section I struggled. My weakness was spelling and grammar. I wasn’t able to spell what I had in mind. No matter how hard I tried I always missed a letter, forgot an apostrophe, mistakenly added a comma, etc. While other students had their summary with a picture completed I was still in battle with my mind in how to put together my first sentence. I felt so ashamed and embarrassed. Finally the librarian helped me put my thoughts together to write my sentence. I remember coming home that afternoon from school and explaining my issue that morning at school to my mom. Thankfully, mom took quick action and took me to

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