My First Outlook Provided For My Life

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A million memories flash through my mind as I ponder upon my first outlook provided for reading. Warm and inviting during practice, and the hiss of the cold winds on night games, I could be found nestled under a blanket with my mother, reading. The cool and crisp air of fall baseball season holds these precious reminisces. As early as two years old, reading was a part of my daily and nightly routine. Without even knowing it, my mom was embedding a love for literature deep in my soul. A desire to learn is not the output from going to school at an early age, but by influences from home life. Children pick up on even the subtlest, minute mannerisms the adults around them carry. I consider myself lucky knowing this fact, for I was a constant witness of my mom reading, writing in a journal, and motivating my brothers to do their schoolwork. Whether my mom was aware of the work she was doing or not, she certainly made a difference on how I approached school. For most, school is considered a job, an annoying everyday task. But the way she taught was graceful and fluid, leaving it pure nature to follow her words. Learning at home was not about being better than anyone else, except the Danielle from yesterday. Knowledge should never be seen as an advantage over someone else, but a means by which to share in an evolution. Simply put, her way of teaching could be mirrored by the famous Einstein quote, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it
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