My First Vacation Destination

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In the summer of 2016 my family and I took a 2 week vacation to a couple different locations we all wanted to visit. We decided to drive to our first destination, which was a 13 hour drive! On the way to our first destination, we stopped in Athens, Alabama to stay the night and aquire some grub. We were able to eat some dinner while we were at the hotel and we ordered the most incomparable pizza ever! The pizza place's’ name was “Joe's Pizza” The owner’s name is Joe and has multiple Guinness World Records for his pizza making skills. All the pizzas are hand made and put into a brick pizza oven to accommodate just the right doneness and taste. Then after that mouthwatering night in Athens, Alabama we decided to drive on and continue to our first vacation destination. After a couple restroom breaks and some lunch we finally arrived at Splash Resort in Panama City, Florida! The ocean was breathtaking and as magnificent as ever it was one of those how-can-anything-be-so-beautiful kind of things. It just made me speechless, the water was perfect, the air was warm, and I just wanted to jump right in and start swimming in the water. While in Panama City we did a couple different activities. Some of which included, obviously going to the beach for a couple of days.
The we went to the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum. (As a matter of fact I really enjoy their book they put out every year!) Which was quite interesting if I do say myself. There were some crazy things in that quirky

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