My First Year Of School Essay

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In the early stages of my life I was a very quiet individual. Even though I was very quiet I liked to learn and I was very observant. I started school at Dannelly Elementary located in Montgomery, Alabama. My first year of school (Kindergarten) I did a fantastic job and in my teacher’s words “on a different level than the other kids”. I excelled over the past few years and some people have noticed. A little time has passed and I am in the third grade now in class doing my work. The class was quiet and suddenly the intercom came on and someone from the office said, “Please send Cameron Brisbon to the office immediately.” At this time, I began to be a little anxious, because I was not a bad student and did not go to the office often. My classmates made me nervous because as I headed out of the class to go to the office, I could hear them saying “ooo what did you do?” I said “I did not do anything”, I tried to sound convincing but I was terrified. My heart began to beat really fast, and my hands were shaking. I felt a chill come over my body. It was almost like an anxiety attack that came over me that day. I walked as slow as possible. When I reached the office, a woman was waiting on me. She introduced herself as Ms. Terry. Ms. Terry had fiery red hair and she was about average height. She also did not smile a lot which was very frightening to me because I was not used to that. I knew of her because I would hear her yell a lot to other students. She was a QUEST

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