My Food Allergies

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Have you ever been offered a disgusting looking homemade meal by a loved one and you didn’t know how to turn it down because you didn’t want to offend them? That’s really unfortunate for you because I’m guessing you had to suffer through the horrid taste and finish the entire dish. But for me, I have a secret answer so that I never have to eat anything I don’t want. With one sentence containing one magic word, I can turn down any nasty-looking meal. Want to know what it is? “Allergies.” That is my magic word. All I have to say is, “I probably can’t eat that because I have egg, peanut, and treenut allergies but thank you so much for the thought!” Just like that, I am safe from the horror with no blood on my hands because the person who made the food is too scared that I could die if they feed it to me. This is just one advantage of having an anaphylactic food allergy but I figured it was a useful tool to share if you ever find yourself in that situation and need to use a quick white-lie. I see my food allergies as a positive in my life not only because of the excuses I can make with food, but because they give me such a different mindset than everyone around me. My allergies are part of my identity and part of what makes me, me. They have transformed me from feelings of insecurity to achieving self actualization and owning my differences. If somebody didn’t know that I had food allergies and saw me living my daily life, they would be able to observe that I am a very hard

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