My Goals For My Life

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Mariya McCallister
Some people know what they want and go after it - nothing stands in their way. I am one of those people. I grew up in Omaha with my mother, who is single, and four sibling. When we lost everything because my mom lost her job, we were homeless for a while then we moved to bellevue with one of my mom's associates , hoping for a fresh start. We have always been poor living paycheck to paycheck hoping to make it by because my mom has always been on her own but we wanted better but it's hard when your stuck in poverty and that was my mom. I then started attending Bellevue East High School and working a part-time job at Taco John's to help support my family because our bills were always getting shut off we …show more content…

I grew up in poverty, and I refuse to go through it again. Education is the only way to my dreams, and I'm willing to use all my strengths to get there, no matter the effort it requires. My mother is my motivation and my dominant support; she supports my schooling and encourages me to exceed expectations. For example, one of my weaknesses is my learning disability: I was diagnosed with ADHD in elementary school, and I started taking medication to control it. My mother, seeing my potential, later encouraged me to wean off of the medication, use other strategies to deal with my condition, and now I’ve learned to cope with my learning disorder. Although it is harder for me to concentrate than it is for my classmates, I took up the challenge and have proved to myself and my teachers that I can do just as well as anyone else.
One strength that has helped me is self-motivation. No matter the situation at home or what we are going through, I continue to strive for my goals, keeping in mind it will pay off later. When we were evicted and were couch-surfing, I continued to walk to work and school and keep my grades up, always maintaining As and Bs. I have maintained a GPA of 4.3 and will continue working for good grades throughout college, no matter where I attend. I will not fail my self-expectations and self-worth. I am passionate about being a strong role model for my siblings and teaching them to do things the right

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