My Goals For Student Council

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As a student finishing out middle school and entering high school, I had many ambitions for my future life. I wanted to become a student leader, and, as I went through my freshman year, I wanted to be involved in Student Council through the Central Minnesota Association of Student Councils (CMASC). Despite these ambitions, I had two major hurdles that I had to get over in order to reach these goals: my shyness and my fear of public speaking. In order to achieve my goals for Student Council, I would have to campaign, get to know others, and speak in front of a large group of them. However, these activities fell far outside of my comfort zone, and it would take a lot of work to be able to do these things. In order to encourage myself to overcome these two fears, I decided that I would continue to pursue my ambition without even considering that I had my reservations. My friends in the council …show more content…

Although I was wondering whether it would be crazy to run as a sophomore, for the first time, I did not question my abilities. After some considerable thought and talking with my family, I decided to chase after this office as well. This time around, I was able to campaign for myself without any fear or reservation, and successfully delivered my speech to an audience of about 400 delegates.
Although I did not win this election as a sophomore, it put me on track to become President as a junior and proved that I am capable of overcoming my fears and achieving success. Now, as a senior, I speak on a regular basis in front of other student councils at conventions across Minnesota and have found it enjoyable to meet new people and learn more about them. These skills will be very useful when I enter college as one of many students from across the United States, and will allow me to make connections that will last a

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