My Goals To Become An Elementary School Teacher

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Trip to College It has been my dream since Elementary School to become an Elementary School teacher. The decision to attend college has not always been an easy decision. I have many goals to obtain my college degree. I have had many conversations about attending college. Some conversations being very helpful and persuasive, some being very negative and nerve wrecking. The school that I chose to attend in the end was Alabama State University. I promised myself that this school will make me the best teacher since I chose my favorite teacher. Choosing my career, that was not entirely easy. Back in Elementary School, I had a couple of teachers that were very good to me. They are who began to make my mind think and wonder about if this job would make a good career for me. It was not only my Elementary School teachers who helped convince me. There were some middle school teachers and a couple high school teachers who persuaded me. These teachers taught me with passion in their hearts. There was nothing but patience and love in their teaching. They taught me the different ways you can teach and get the lesson across to your students. I have kept their ways of teaching in mind for the days when it is time to work towards my degree. Watching my different teachers over the years have given me different reasons to want this career. Becoming what I wanted to be was the main goal. The goal was always to become what I wanted to no matter what it took. Being a teacher, I knew would be a

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