My Grandmother Influence

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The Person Influences My Life My grandmother makes subtle influences on me during daily life. She teaches me through words and actions. She makes me learn a lot lessons that benefit me deeply. Among all the truths my grandmother instructs me in, three influence me the most. Being hardworking, trying best to do things, and facing life with positive attitude, are edifications from my grandmother make significant effects on my way to grow. From some degree, my life becomes so different because of my grandmother’s influence. I always try to think about how do individualities of a person formed up. And this idea always makes me start to think about the development of myself. Accompanying with the teaching of my grandmother, the thought leads me back to my childhood. I was six or seven years old at that time. My parents were busy-working all the time. My grandmother accompanied me and took care of me. In my memory, grandmother always had something to do. I couldn’t think of any work that needed to be done by her. This made me curious at that time. One day, when grandmother finished organizing the room and was going to wipe the table, I asked the question I hid in my mind for a long time, “Grandmother, why do you always have something to do? It seems like you work all day as same as my father and mother do.” Hearing my voice, grandmother stopped the work she was doing and sat on the chair beside me. I remember that I saw surprise from grandmother’s eyes. When I grew up, and

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