Change in Marji: Persepolis

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Topic: Character Analysis of Marji in Persepolis
Audience: Teacher
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You Are Who You Are Dean Acheson once gave the timeless advice of “always remember that the future comes one day at a time”. This quote highlights how truly important each and every day is and the significance of the time you use or waste. The way that you choose to use that time, the decisions you make, and the things that surround you change who you are and greatly affect your future. These are all aspects that were clearly shown throughout the graphic novel Persepolis. It is because of these aspects of life that Marji developed the characteristics that she did. As an Iranian citizen Marji was consumed by war for a long time. This is what …show more content…

For example, one day Marji’s parents told her about her Uncle Anoosh that she had never met. The two immediately had a very close bond that stayed strong even through their final few moments together. He taught her about the war, and through his stories and actions he taught her to believe in herself, and her ideas no matter what any one else thought. Anoosh believed in the revolution wholeheartedly and even though it may not have turned out great for him, his dedication, perseverance, and stubbornness are all traits that Marji later portrayed throughout the book. Another person who greatly impacted Marji’s life was her grandmother. She had a great influence on Marji who looked up to her, and knew that her grandmother was always there to look out for her. Marji’s grandmother had a strong moral sense that showed in every situation. She frequently acts as Marji’s conscience throughout the story; for example, in the film when Marji was about to get caught by the Guardians of the Revolution, she did whatever was necessary in order to avoid persecution. But her grandmother was quick to tell her that what she had done as wrong, and had to be set straight. Her grandmother keeps her grounded, and helps her remember who she is and where she comes from when she loses sight of it. She taught her about humility, integrity, and that in “Life, everyone

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