My Grandparent Era

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In my grandparents’ era, many people were had hard times with their financial and social support for the families because they had to deal with an invasion of the Japan from 1910 through 1935 and they had been experienced the family lost during the Korean War. Many people must survive from the hardships in these situations so that they could give better environments for the future generations. My grandparents were met each other during the Japanese invasion era during the 1930s which are from my great grandparents’ matchmaking because they did not have choices to listen to their parents for the future. Therefore, my grandparents were get married each other and had many kids in the later. Also, my grandparents find the partners from the …show more content…

In Korean Researchers’ perspectives, they could not find more data on the marriage arrangement in between couples because most of the research of East Asia trends started in the 1970s through today. However, my grandmother told me that how they faced the hardships in the 1900s because they had to work really hard to survive from Japanese soldiers and Korean war so that she could survive and live for her families during that time period. In my parents’ era, most of the families become economically stable as equal because their employment rates had been stabled and most people were looking for the marriage in the late 20s during that time. According to James M Rameo et al (2015), the total fertility rate of the Korea decreased to 4.5 to 1.7 because the technology had been improved so much in Korea so that many people could get their jobs easily after they graduated from the college. Therefore, they had more chances than the grandparents’ era to meet the romantic partner through the marriage arrangement because they had been stable their lives as financially supportive for their families and Korean economies had been improved after the 1980s. Furthermore, the Korean government had the policies for borrowed money from other countries when IMF hits in the Korea, so they had improved the technology skills than other countries. Therefore, Korea had been recovered the economics and politics so quickly, so that many people felt secure and prepared for the marriage which the

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