My Great Grandfather

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From the stories told to me from my grandpa, great uncles, and father as well as my memory of him, the wisdom of my great grandfather was evident. His name being Roberto Roman. My middle name was named after him, being Robert, the english translation. Grandpa Roberto was an ordained to ministry for the church. In addition of being a pastor for decades, his love and wisdom shined in his life at all times. By his life style being so holy, two of his sons (my great uncles), became pastors of their own. Furthermore, his one of his grandchild (my father) became a leader of the church and a preacher. With the evidence of Jesus in his dynasty, his oldest great grandchild (me) feels the calling of ministry at his church. Jesus truly used my great grandfather who was willing to be a vessel of God for greatness that not just affected a generation, but three generations in his lifetime. From a man with little money in the United States with days of wondering if he will be able to prove for his children food. By his faith he was blessed abundantly. He was able to feed his children food, but also the love of God. “Son… you are not going to school today.” My dad announced to me solemnly as I just opened my eyes waking up. “Your great grandpa has died over night and we are going to the hospital today.” Confusion was my companion that very hour as I got ready. My parents were serious and not really talking to my siblings and me. You could see the dried up tears on my father’s face. Sadness

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