Reality Was Whispering At Me

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Reality was whispering to me. My vision blurred, and it wasn’t from tears. My sensations stopped working as the hospital hallways grew dark. I grew mad at myself, wondering why I wasn’t crying like my family. Darkness started to consume me, and the whispers in my head told me what I needed to be answered. I didn’t want answers. I screamed in my head that I’m too young to learn now. My ignorance drifted away, leaving me alone with reality welcoming itself into my head. This was the day that I was forced to realize what I never thought could of happened. “Hmm… no answer,” I mumbled as I sullenly placed the house phone down. It was a Saturday, and it was my mom’s turn to take care of my nine-year-old brother and ten-year-old me for the weekend. My parents lived separately, and we had to live with my mom most of the time. Even so, I tried to contact my dad as often as I could. He was the parent whom I had a stronger connection with. He always did his best to express his care and love toward my brother and me. However, my dad didn’t answer me this time. I sat on the couch and waited in case he would return my call. I glanced around our dull, brown living room waiting, swinging my feet back and forth. Just waiting. “Kimi! Jason! We need to go now!” screamed my mom as she charged through the front door, startling me. I sprang up to retrieve my shoes and my brother and flew out the door. We exchanged confused glances once we jumped in

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