My Great Mother : A Mother's Mother

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Mother When I was 12 years old I lived with my great grandparents, grandmother and aunt and during that time, I would hear conversations about my mother. There was one evening while standing in my great grandmother’s kitchen before supper I overheard a conversation between my great grandmother and my aunt. My aunt said, “Robin (my mom) isn’t any good and little Peggy doesn’t need to talk to her or be around her.” My great grandmother didn’t agree or disagree she just said, “She has a right to know.” My great grandmother was very sweet but also frail she stood about 5’1 but had a hunch back that made her look shorter and wrinkly hands that were riddled with arthritis from working in the cotton fields when she was younger. After supper was over my great grandmother and I was in the kitchen alone while she was cleaning up she said, “I have something for you.” and handed me a small piece of paper that had a phone number on it. I asked who the number belonged to and she said, “it belongs to your mom.” I looked at the little piece of paper not knowing what to do I hadn’t heard from her or seen her in so long I couldn’t remember the sound of her voice or what she even looked like. The next morning, I was sitting in the living room after watching Saturday morning cartoons when I decided I would call the number my grandmother had given me with shaky hands I picked up the phone and dialed the number this was the first of many to come over the next few months

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