My Group Is Doing A Dinosaur Theme For First Graders

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Itzel R Esquivel My group is doing a Dinosaur theme for first graders. I decided to do a reading/writing assignment that has an art project towards the end. The student will be reading, “How do dinosaurs go to school” by Jane Token & Mark Teague. Once they finish reading the book they are going to illustrate/paint a dinosaur from the book and write what that dinosaur does in school. They will also reflect and write how they would feel in having that dinosaur with them as a classmate. The class that I have has 5 ESL students and 3 GT students. 2 of those GT students are ESL. So because they need a little extra help (especially since we are working on reading) I am going to group my ESL students into groups of 4 with other students, so if they need help with a word while reading, the other students in their group will help them out. All students will have a copy of the book. Students tend to learn better from their peers, so this will defiantly help out my ESL students. As for my GT students, I will have them leading the reading and discussion from the book. This will give them some responsibility and give them the opportunity to think as a leader. My ESL GT students are very capable of doing the same as the other GT student. I will be providing the supplies for my students so they will not be required to purchase or bring stuff. 50% of my students come from a low-socio economic home. My

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