My Head Of The Refrigerator

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My eyes darted to the top of the fridge. The answer waited right there, in a crumpled up ziplock bag. Finally a solution to my problem. Tears collected in the tear ducts of my eyes. My mother’s angry movements pushed me further, encouraged me even. I was ready for any type of change. A time for me to take a stand. I saw it as my last resort and nothing was going to stop me. The choice was up to me. I dropped the knife out of my clutched hands and easily reached over my mom who was standing in front of me. The feeling of my body shifting to my solution eased my troubling mind. At the time, I saw this as my escape. The escape in which no one could take away from me. And so, with great ease, I snatched the plastic bag off the refrigerator. To…show more content…
For her to go behind our back to move in a guy she barely knew hurt me in more ways than she could think was possible. Our yelling matches grew to be more frequent, and soon her “boyfriend” was arguing with me. The stress of the situation weighed down on my shoulders. I went from telling my mom everything to barely seeing her; she would come home late at night when I was already sleeping. Deep down inside, I felt like I was losing my mom, and I still do. However, one windy spring night, everything would change. Our most recent argument finally took a toll on my emotional well being, For about two months, I was holding on by a thread. I had informed my mother of my feelings, making her known to the fact I needed help. All I wanted my mother to do was to listen to me and be by my side as we went through counseling. So one spring night, after trying to convince my mom to make her boyfriend move out so we could focus on our relationship, I decided to take matters into my my own hands. If she wouldn’t listen to me in person, maybe I could convince her by hurting myself physically. I’ve always failed to open anything with a child proof lock, but with one twist of my wrist the contents inside the bottle spilled into my hand. A raging sea of emotions consumed me. I mumbled words under my breath. This was a high I had never felt. Not the high of taking drugs or an adrenaline junkie because I’ve never had experienced anything as such. No, this was something more. My
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