My Inspiration In Life

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My Inspiration in Life

Track and field coach, Laszlo Baczo - I managed to get a national vice-champion title thanks to his pursuance of me, and him believing in me

When I was a little boy, in 2008, I watched my first Olympic games, held in Beijing. I remember sitting on the ground, next to my parents, fascinated by the opening ceremony, by the fireworks and the abundance of things that were happening at the same time. Every day after school I ran home and turned on the TV to watch the games of the Olympics. It was unbelievable! So many people doing so many events that I had never seen in my life: throwing sticks, jumping over little fences, running for hours, smashing a big metal ball in the ground and the list goes on.
What fascinated me the most was the men and women who were jumping so high, that they were almost able to reach the sky with their hands while coming so close to knocking over the stick suspended in mid-air in such a way that it was beauty itself. I recorded the event on a cassette and watched it over and over again until I understood the way how the athletes stepped, the method they used to jump, the style in which they were moving their body through the air, and finally how they landed gracefully on their back. It was a starting point of my lifetime goal: becoming a good High Jumper.
At first I was just fooling around in the backyard, jumping over a piece of string attached to two sticks, just for fun, but then as time passed and my

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