My Interest In School Psychology Is A Sheer Result Of My

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My interest in School Psychology is a sheer result of my experiences at various workplaces and certain decisions I have opted for in my life. These experiences have prepared me to pursue advanced studies in the field, while strengthening my passion and in providing me with the background required to succeed in this important area. In order to achieve my full potential in the field, I look forward to entering MEd/EdS program at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

I immensely enjoy working in the School Psychology field because it provides me the most comforting inner solace. Hailing from a sparingly educated, small town Indian family where cultural, moral and political values took a little more precedence over higher education, I was …show more content…

These interactions not only helped me understand various behavioral problems in children, but fueled my interest in the field of child psychology.

Although marital commitments required me to relocate to a new place, my passion for understanding child psychology continued. As a non-paid volunteer, I worked for the welfare of abused children from red light areas. I still consider those three years to be the most rewarding ones in my potential career, owing to unique learning experiences and novel challenges faced almost on a daily basis. In retrospect, my experience in handling the academic, emotional and social issues of these kids during the Sunshine Foundation’s after school program, was surely the first concrete step in the field of child Psychology.

My decision to pursue graduate education in child psychology is accumulation of real life experiences. These experiences gave me a feeling of extreme helplessness and developed an urge to seek advanced knowledge in the field of child psychology. While working with abused, abandoned children from red light areas, I came across one beautiful, reticent seven year old girl. Though she was a very shy girl, I somehow managed to create an amazing rapport with her. One day, I received a call from the organization informing that the child had vaginal bleeding and was not ready to disclose anything to anyone. Since I had a rapport with her, I was called for help. I could manage to get her

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