The Nature Of The Internship I Have Secured For The Second Semester Of This Upcoming Year

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In the following proposal I will detail the nature of the internship I have secured for the second semester of this upcoming year as well as explore the academic skills I will learn as they relate to the curriculum at Kildonan. I expect that my independent inquiry in the Fall through Edge will complement this work.

Psychology has always been something in which I have had a deep interest. I am fascinated by the reasons behind individuals’ actions and by the chemical responses in the brain, and I have always had a particular interest in child psychology. Over the summer I took part in a academic program in Paris called Oxbridge. While studying there, my major was Psychology and Psychoanalysis. We used the case study method in which we
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However at the time, it was not as clear. While the focus of the research of my proposed internship is an entirely different set of circumstances and a different population, the idea of attachment is resonating for me.

Internship at the New School Psychology Department

Dr. Miriam Steele, a close family friend and the Director of Clinical Development and the Founder of the Center for Attachment Research at the New School has offered me an internship for second semester. Through meeting with Dr. Steele and her team as well as studying the various aspects of research in which they are involved we have narrowed down my activities to two central projects that I will work on at the Center for Attachment Research at the New School for Social Research. Below I describe, both from the papers Dr. Steele provided me as well as my time at the New School, the two projects as well as the role that the team believes I can play within their research.

Group Attachment Based Intervention(GABI)

This project concerns family preservation and the prevention of child maltreatment.
The research study is designed to test the efficacy of group attachment for venerable families. The participants in this study are all volunteers, and are often very isolated, and have had many adverse childhood experiences and ongoing experiences of poverty. The object of the study is to strengthen the bond between child and parent. This is done through group therapy sessions
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