Educational Psychology Personal Statement

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When I declared a psychology major during the second year of my undergraduate career, my objective was to attend medical school and eventually become a psychiatrist. I enjoyed the psychology classes in which I was enrolled and found them to compliment the premed curriculum I also wanted to study. I reasoned that a major in psychology would provide insight that could later be useful in my planned studies of psychiatry. Although I decided against going to medical school, psychology remained the primary area of focus of my studies with the ultimate career goal of becoming a clinical psychologist. While my long term professional plans include achieving a PhD and becoming a clinical psychologist. Pursuing a masters degree in …show more content…

After discussing these thoughts with my father it also became obvious that educators are not to be blamed for the students who are left lacking with gaps in their knowledge. It is impossible for one teacher to give the needed individual attention to all the students in a class room. In addition smaller class sizes in most elementary and

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