My Interpretation Of Critical Thinking

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My interpretation of Critical Thinking has been challenged by the author of this passage by the dean of college arts and sciences of Santa Carla University author and narrator Peter A Facione. I have come to the conclusion that my initial thoughts of what critical thinking was way off. The author has the reader asking himself questions, and forming scenarios where we actually had to use critical thinking. I think this method of understanding is a great way to teach new readers. Right off the bat Facione has us questioning our initial thoughts. I have a feeling this technique is going to be one of our tools as we come to understand what exactly Critical Thinking is. The author states his goal of his passage is "to help the reader sharpen …show more content…

I thought it was interesting how the author explains how the whole court kind of works in sync with each other. Everyone in the room has to come up with a conclusion and this can’t be done without critical thinking. I am pretty sure if Critical Thinking hasn’t been embedded in our social environment, there would be a lot of injustice and a lot of unfinished common goals. Critical thinking in my opinion, and I am sure others would agree its purpose is not just to get to a conclusion. Critical Thinking can help you understand other people’s opinions, and point of views. So far Facione has my undivided attention, because I think he is giving information out to help build a stronger mind in his readers. I really like how the Author is asking us to ask ourselves, where we are in society when it comes to how good and how much you use critical thinking every day. So the author then goes back to his point on what the experts think the core of critical thinking is and they came up with a few terms. The terms are as listed; interpretation, analysis, evaluation, inference, explanation, and self-regulation. All of these "core values" if you will all tie together in the grand scheme of things. Interpretation is the action of explaining the meaning of something. Interpretation has many sub-categories, and the author portrays this by having us ask ourselves questions. Question like: "How to recognize a

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