My Interpretation of Dog's Death

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My Interpretation of “Dogs Death”
Judith McBride
ENG 125: Introduction to Literature
Instructor: Hannah Martin
January 21, 2013

The literary work that captured my interest was “Dog’s Death” written by John Updike in 1958. Updike was “widely recognized as one of the most accomplished and prolific stylists of his generation, Updike has emerged as a short-story writer and novelist of major importance in American letters” (Parks, J., Peck, D., 2006). He was born on March 18, 1932 in Reading, Pennsylvania and died on January 27, 2009 in Danvers, Massachusetts. In my essay I will explain why I choose this poem, which analytical approach I am going to be using along with evaluating the meaning of the selection Dogs Death and why it
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The idea that she was hurt was not enough to deter her from her desire to please her owners. She was able to drag herself to the newspaper with the knowledge that she was going to receive the praise she craved.

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