My Interview With My Mom

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My mom Angela has always loved reading ever since she was a little kid. She is not the only one in my family that enjoys reading. My dad, grandma, and my cousin also have found a love for reading books. When I received this assignment I knew it would be difficult to single out a specific person to interview due to my family’s love of reading. I eventually decided that I wanted to interview my mom for my assignment. My mom was the pretty much the obvious choice to do the interview with because I knew that she would be able to answer my questions. Here is some background information on my mother who I have chosen to interview. She was the only one in her family to attend a four-year university in which she obtained a master’s degree in Accounting and a minor in Spanish. She is currently working with her uncle’s insurance company; my mom has been working with her uncle for over twenty years. During the interview, I began asking my mom questions about her literacy experiences and what motivated her to want to read. As a child, my mom grew up in a low-class family, she wasn’t as fortunate as I am while getting an education. While growing up, her mother and father could not afford the nicer things in life. During her childhood, her mother and father never stressed to her about the importance of school, they did not get on to her about doing her homework and going to college. One of the questions that I asked her if there was a specific event that occurred in her life that made

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