My Journey Of My Career Development

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Miranda Kilmer Integration Paper My journey to my career development has been a roller coaster ride to say the least. Everything I 've learned in this class and throughout the years has shaped me into who I am and has played a major role in my career decision making process. Ever since I was little I was always interested in acting and had dreamed of being in movies. Many kids probably had a similar dream, but for some reason I had a strong desire to follow through with it. Whenever I watched a movie I would always catch myself saying the lines along with the characters, and changing my voice to fit each role. No one ever really knew that this was something I was interested in because I never admitted to it. I never told anybody because every time I would bring it up, everyone seemed to have the same opinion about it. They say that being an actor is not a reliable career and that being successful in that industry is a long shot. As I got older I started to agree with them. I pushed aside my dream of becoming an actress and decided to focus on “more reliable” career choices like lawyers, teachers, doctors, etc… When I tried to find interest in these jobs, it always failed. They just didn’t fit my personality and after taking this class I learned why. This class has really helped me develop a sense of myself. I learned a lot about myself with the help of the self-assessment inventories, journal entries, values

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