My Journey Started Off When I Was Left By My Foster Parents

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My journey started off when I was left by my foster parents after they got divorced when I was only thirteen years old. I was homeless for about two years, during which I used to go to a night school just for the food. I was caught by my teacher and given the chance to stay; later on, my teacher adopted me and I grew up in the orphanage, where I learned different languages such as Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, and Nepalese Hindi and Turkish. I grew up watching English movies on TV which inspired me to learn English, and from there on I continued pursuing my passion for learning into my adult life. The orphanage taught me about crucial life experiences, about culture, and most importantly, about having discipline in life; which in turn …show more content…

Although my job was in a sense as the head, I tried to play the role of an invisible leader, one who provided all that was necessary, encourages and motivated when possible, and guided whenever I could.

The second year I become a student counselor for the SSC and facilitated the freshman and sophomore students for two years. During my time as a student counselor, we worked on many community service projects where I arranged blood drives, talent shows for the disabled students, charity works for the homeless, and night classes for the homeless kids that were taught on a voluntary basis by my fellow students. This became the only form of education these kids received, and because if its consistency, the SSC granted a budget of 200 USD (20,000 BD, Taka). I also organized an art competition for the homeless children to help raise awareness for the night school in which many organizations donated money. Planning these events really helped build up my leadership skills because I was constantly learning how to accomplish tasks in different ways.

One time, a senior student broke his right hand in an accident, right before his final exam before graduation, and came to me for help. The time was limited and there wasn’t a way for him to give the exam because he was unable to write. So I contacted the Dean of Faculty immediately and requested for a freshman student to help write the

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