My Journey That Changed My Life

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On the summer of 2013, I received an email that changed my life forever. It was up to me to accept or decline the new journey that allowed me to be accepted into Edgecombe Early College High School. I decided to accept this new journey that was filled with 5 years of butterflies, hardships, new opportunities and self improvement. A week or two before school starts the school host a week called “bridge week”. During this week incoming freshman's will get the opportunity to meet teachers, classmates, get a tour of the school, participate in group activities, class assignments and so much more. Yes, this sounds like so much fun right? Starting highschool should be very fun, but to me it wasn’t. I didn’t know anyone in my class, and I felt so out of place. In class when the teacher would ask a question, I could look around and see everyone's hands up, BUT mine. I wasn’t use to this, I was use to myself and about two others standing out in class answering questions. This made me have second thoughts about coming to the school so I decided that I would stay throughout bridge week and I wouldn't come back. Early college starts in the beginning of August and traditional high school started in the end of August so I knew that would be an easy transition and I could go be with all my best friends and friends again. On the first day of school of course I found myself late. Alone and late is not a good look especially when you walk into the class and everyone's staring at
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