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A Memorable Journey With A Friend

On the date of October 27th 2017, me and my friend Tovah were on our way to a cabin in Branson for her birthday. While we were there we went shopping at Tanger Outlets and we went to The Haunted Lost Cavern at Top Of The Rock. Now in the essay below you will read about my memorable journey with my friend Tovah.
It was seven o'clock so when we got there so we just watched TV then went to bed. The next day, we went shopping at Tanger Outlets and while we were there we got some awesome fudge. We went to Bath and Body and I bought six bottles of hand sanitizer and gave one to Tovah. I also bought a hand sanitizer holder and it came with two so I gave one to Tovah and I kept one for myself. When we were done shopping we ate lunch then went back to the cabin. We started a fire in the fireplace but the vent was closed so the cabin filled up with smoke that made Tovah sleepy so she took a nap.
When it was about nine o'clock, we woke her up and we went to Top Of The Rock. We were there to go to the Haunted Lost Cavern. We only had to wait a little bit until we could get on the bus to go to the cavern. On the way down a few people scare you. When you get to around the area of the cavern, people are there so they can take your picture.
When you first get in there’s a crazy lady chases you around with a fake leg. After you get past her it was just a bunch of mechanical things. When you get to another part of the cavern there are sheets hanging from

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