My Junior Year Of High School

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My mother perpetually advises me through statements such as “সর্বদা আপনার সেরা করা,” which translates from Bengali to English as “always do your best.” Taking heed of my mother’s advice has led me to always try to be the best possible version of myself, in school and outside of it. Adhering to my mom’s words was difficult to practice my junior year of high school. I knew that my junior year was going to be arduous; my schedule was inundated with SAT preparation, ACT preparation, AP classes, and extra-curricular activities. None of this was going to be facilitated by the added stress of finding out my father had just been diagnosed with having an “enlarged prostate,” meaning less and less time would be available for me to focus on school and my personal life. Equally terrifying was knowing that my grandfather had actually passed away from the exact ailment as my father was diagnosed with. As the only child, dismissing my obligations to help my mother and father out during my father’s crisis was not an option. My father was admitted at Baylor hospital for more than two months. My entire focus for the first half of my junior year was not on obtaining good grades or stellar SAT scores; my main priority shifted to helping my father return to a stable healthy condition and to enable him to experience a speedy recovery. Miraculously, during the second half of the school year, I was able to concentrate on my studies resulting in achieving excellent grades…grades that I was

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