My Kansas City Experience

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My recent trip to Kansas City was amazingly spiritual. Seeing the angels of the Lord in the most high guiding, protecting the patients whom I had the privilege of watching their procedure take place, while skillfully guiding the surgeon’s movements to accurately remove the organ(s) that had been overridden with cancer. Additionally, outside the Operating Room, I was taken to this place of epic spiritual warfare. The family that I was staying with owns a storage unit in the next building over to store their overflow from there antique booth in the building next door. Demonic weaponry surrounded us as we entered the elevator, increasing every level we climbed towards the fourth floor. We lifted the creaky wooden door of the freight elevator - made our way down an unfinished hallway toward the unit - inserted the key - flipped the lock - we were in the room. Submerged in a moment like that of a Roman battle call, surrounded by hundreds Angels of the spirit, ready to take up arms in protection against the spirit of death that had diseased this building for generations. The sea of Angels only broken by the spirit of a girl running around…show more content…
We discussed the history of the building, how for years the warehouse had been a haunted house that refused access to the fifth floor. Even now, it is still sealed for access only be the owner of the building. Story has it the the family hung the daughter on the fifth floor of the warehouse back when it was a bread making factory, for an unknown reason. Ironically enough, the family that I was staying with recounted many experiences of feeling like someone was there, but unable too see anything physical or otherwise. They did experience though, that a oily/blood substance would drip from the ceiling until the mother of the family went with rosary and all, blessing the
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