My Lady Parts My Jurisdiction

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Adrian Lewis
Mrs. Chaney
English I
My Lady Parts—My Jurisdiction
"No woman, ever, woke up and thought, 'all my friends have had an abortion, I need to get pregnant so I can have one, too. If a woman has an unwanted pregnancy, something has failed her, badly. It might be rape [or incest], it might be a broken condom, it might be bad information on what prevents pregnancy. Or maybe the story about how she had too much to drink and instead of waking up to a hangover, like ever male in history, she woke up pregnant," said American women, Lauren Telesca. Pro-life or pro-choice? On one hand, people say that the government has a duty to preserve all human life. On the other hand, some say that individuals have control over their own …show more content…

They may lie to them about the medical and emotional effects of abortion or even show misleading films and pictures to steer young women away from abortion. In the end, it 's the woman 's choice on whether or not she wants to carry a child full-term only to give the child up.
Second, fetuses are not viable before 23 weeks. According to the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, "most neuroscientists believe that the cortex is necessary for pain perception, it can be concluded that the fetus cannot experience pain in any sense prior to this gestation. After 24 weeks there is continuing development and elaboration of intracortical networks such that noxious stimuli in newborn preterm infants produce cortical responses. Such connections to the cortex are necessary for pain experience but not sufficient, as experience of external stimuli requires consciousness. Furthermore, there is increasing evidence that the fetus never experiences a state of true wakefulness in utero and is kept, by the presence of its chemical environment, in a continuous sleep-like unconsciousness or sedation. This state can suppress higher cortical activation in the presence of intrusive external stimuli." ("Induced Abortion in the United States) Furthermore, 66% of abortions occur at or before 8 week while 1.3% occur after 21 weeks. While there are no numbers on late-term

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