My Last Year In High School

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My last year in high-school. My last regional track meet. My last throw. Everything I had been working towards for the last four years came down to this very moment. On a scorching hot spring day, weary and patient athletes from all across Oklahoma gathered in Cordell around a concrete ring; watching intently as the furthest discus thrower in the region arrived at his final throw. All attempts before this had landed outside the throwing boundaries, so they did not count. This increased the pressure tenfold as I grabbed the metal disc that was to be my last chance at State. I slowly stepped into the ring, took a deep breath, and shifted my weight onto the balls of my feet to prepare for the final toss. In this one moment, all of my experiences that brought me to this place rushed forward in my mind.

 In my freshman year, I was a big basketball player, but I often found myself bored in the spring time due to my lack of participation in school activities. My friend, Grant, came up to me in the hall one day. “Hey, Cade! You should come throw discus with me in Track. It’s a pretty fun sport and we have a grill to cook food on. You can't turn down free food can you?” This, combined with the opportunity to miss a lot of school, convinced me to sign up for a sport I had never even heard of. The first few months of the sport were hard, mostly consisting of nonstop weight lifting, sprints, and not very much discus. When we finally traveled out to the field, my new coach

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