My Leadership Credo "Mission Accomplishment"

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My Leadership Credo "Mission Accomplishment" My training to become a United States Marine began when the bus reached Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, South Carolina. I was awakened from a sound sleep by a screaming man telling everybody to get off the bus, and get outside on the yellow foot prints. This was my first encounter with a Marine Drill Instructor. He had my undivided attention, and I followed his order without hesitation. Right before my eyes the building blocks to how to be a leader of Marines was being revealed to me. At the time I did not put two and two together, but my philosophy of leadership, "Mission Accomplishment" was born. Not until after completing my primary military occupational school in Memphis…show more content…
It took being removed from a leadership position for me to start using these leadership tools to achieve my philosophy of leadership: "mission accomplishment." The benefits that I obtain from these tools are directly proportionate to the effort that I, as a leader, put forth. This leads me to the next and last characteristic I use in my leadership style, being a consistent leader. I achieve this by issuing clear policies and keeping my Marines well informed. This avoids confusion among my Marines, and allows them to plan and complete tasks on time. In addition, I provide them clear directions so they can accomplish any mission. Combine that with my unrelenting work ethics and ability to give clear, concise orders as well as to set realistic but challenging goals concerning the mission and physical training, and I have achieved a formula for success. This characteristic of my leadership style was the most natural for me. Being consistent has carried me through the majority of my growing pains as a leader, thus providing me the opportunity to become the leader I am today. My leadership philosophy is my bible. The three leadership characteristics firmness, fairness, and consistency are the building blocks I have used to achieve my philosophy of leadership. MGySgt Donald D. Dewitt set me on the course to becoming the leader I am today. How I became that leader was a combination of trial and error, observing others, and receiving sound advice from Marines I

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