My Leadership Philosophy: How To Be An Effective Leader

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My leadership philosophy is to inspire and motivate people through action and dedication along with effective communication. I think, words are not enough to be an effective leader, one must show people how to be an effective leader. Therefore, my leadership style is amalgamated with both words and action. Effective communication and action are key, to accomplishing your goals. Although effective communication is vital in the workforce, it is not acceptable to just communicate, be diligent that is all it takes to be successful in life. No, effective communication must be coupled with action. Therefore, do not say you spent hours working on this project, let others witness your working hours on that project. Demonstrate your knowledge by teaching …show more content…

Passion will sustain you, which are the key to accomplishing your goals. As you work to your dreams, break them down into baby steps. When you finish a step, celebrate that moment, but most important make sure you celebrate as others finish their goals. It doesn’t matter how significant the accomplishment it just matters that you completed your goal. Therefore, by completing your goal you are a success. Truthfully, the term success is vague and has different connotations for different people. Success is when you follow through and accomplish your goals, it is not the grade you achieved or a pat on the back. It is all about the completion of numerous goals as you progress on your journey to obtaining your dream. Sometimes you will discover that you should need to step back to achieve a step forward. Do not get discouraged, just remember what you are achieving. Therefore, even failure is a learning opportunity and can ultimately assist you in accomplishing your dreams. Failure does not exist, the only way you could fail in life is if you stop, throw your hands in the air, and say I quit. Therefore, if you never abandon hope, you will accomplish your goals, and ultimately you will accomplish your

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